About Us

About Us

We bring your live event ideas to life.
Bestoh work as part of your team, delivering practical design guidance, production assistance and project management, across all types of live events.
Our experience and supplier relationships ensure your project will be delivered on budget and on time.
  1. What We Do

    We manage all facets of event production, from brief interrogation and concept development to on- ground build of infrastructure, and finally post-event reconciliation.

    Bestoh is flexible and nimble. We frequently adapt how we work to suit your needs and meet the unique demands of your specific project.

    When working with Creative Agencies, we are comfortable in client-facing roles or being white-labelled as an extension of your business.

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    We work with you to understand the brief, scoping feasibility and collaboratively developing concepts that ensure results within the live environment. Our process includes:

    – Production considerations
    – 2D, 3D & Structural Drawings
    – Site & event feasibility
    – Cost estimations

  3. Pre-Production

    We manage all facets of production planning to ensure that every intricate detail is considered, including:

    – Compliance including OHS, risk assessments, engineering, occupancy permit etc.
    – Logistics planning including crew scheduling, logistics run schedules etc.

    – Production consulting


    We coordinate the on-site build of all activations and events in accordance with strict OHS requirements in the most efficient and safe manner. Our planning and on-the-ground methods take into account:

    – Bump in/out logistics
    – Supplier, stakeholder and consumer management  


    Following the completion of all events, we conduct post-event reporting to reconcile budgets and learnings.

    – Condition reporting
    – Post-event analysis
    – Budget reconciliation
    – Asset management





Tom Hunter - Director

0424 901 862